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Crop Protection & Other Formulations

Crop Protection


Because farmers are always facing new challenges, we're right by their side with high yielding seeds and innovative crop protection products.

We provide customers with first choice sustainable solutions to protect and care for the environment in which we all live, work and play We are continuously carrying out research in our facilities that aim at development of crop protection products.

We are committed to strengthening our presence in Indian agriculture and will extend our research to add more products in this segment. Here are some of our existing products:


Spike Alpha E

With active ingredient Alphamethrin 10% EC, Spike Alpha E exhibits a contact and stomach action. It mainly acts on the nervous systems of the target pests due to which it gives a quick knockdown action. It also exhibits ovicidal action.

  •   Being broad spectrum it affords control over all carterpillar pests.
  •   It has a quick knockdown action.
  •   It exhibits ovicidal action.
  •   It remains effective for longer duration and therefore gives protection for a longer time.
  •   Highly economical.
Spike Lamda E
Spike Delta E
Spike Cyper 10E
Spike Alpha S
Spike D-Flow

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