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Zabardast Rat Cake is a ready-to-use rodent control product, which does not harm humans and pets in any way.

Zabardast Rat Cake is a single dose anticoagulant insecticide which contains Bromadiolone 0.005%. This rodenticide is recommended for the control of any kind of rats in residential premises, farms, gardens and in the fields.
It is designed to allure rats and mice, and just one cube is enough to poison them.

Product Benefits

  •   Ready to use wax blocks, therefore non-messy and no mixing is required
  •   One feed is effective for the management of rodents
  •   You don’t need to prepare any pre baiting
  •   No risk of secondary poisoning


  •   1 pouch = 1 Cake (100 grams)
  •   Box Packing is customizable as per requirements.


ZABARDAST Rat and Mouse Glue Traps are the pesticide-free, non-toxic way to effectively control rats. Excellent in all-around performance, the traps are ready to use and may also be used for rats, mice and other household pests.

Zabardast Glue Trap has two high grade glue surfaces in a packaging that opens like a book for convenient access and use. These surfaces are extremely sticky and help bait the rodent effectively.

Product Benefits

  •   Excellent for capturing rats, mice, and other household pests
  •   Pesticide-free
  •   Can also be used for lizards, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, and most other insect pests


  •   Available in Small and Large pack sizes for varied type and size of Rodents.

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