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SPIKE IMIDA is a new generation Insecticide for Termite control that contains Imidachloprid 30.5% SC as the active ingredient.

It is a systemic and contact insecticide for the control of Termites in buildings, which can be, used both for pre and post construction treatments. It is indigenously developed, manufactured and marketed by Spike Pestochem Pvt Ltd.


  •   A derivative from Imidachloprid. the latest and fastest growing molecule with lethal action on termites
  •   A non-repellent systematic & contact insecticide.
  •   Depending on soil moisture, spreads in all directions by a process called 'Latest Soil Movement', ensuring thorough soil coverage with no gaps.
  •   A water based formulation and has no volatile solvents. Offers long duration of control.
  •   No smell. pollution or contamination of underground/well water. Completely safe, having low toxicity towards people & pets
  •   Ensures nil or minimal re-treatments (<1.0%) during the first five years if treatment is carried out as per recommendations.
  •   Approved by Central Insecticides Board.

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