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Termites are discovered in most urban homes in the India. Changing weather and ever growing infrastructural development has made housing conditions permissible to the growth of Termites. Home owners insurance rarely covers termite damage because it is defined as a home maintenance problem — something that can and should have been prevented by the home owner.


Whether you have a termite problem right now or want to prevent one from ever happening, Terminova lets you take and keep control of your home.

Using scientific information about termite behavior, Terminova ends the ability of Termites to eat, reproduce and survive. It begins working as soon as termites begin to feed on the treated wood, which can be immediately if active termites are visible.
With the proven power to wipe out future house-hungry termite generations, Terminova gives you complete termite protection.

Available in a ready-to-use form, Terminova contains Cholrpyriphos 2%, the most potent chemical against wood destroying pests available in the market today. It is equally effective against Wood Borers, Carpenter Ants, Fungi and Algae.

Product Benefits

  •   Ready and easy to use - no mixing required
  •   Brush it, spray it, swab it or inject it
  •   No mixing required
    Early application prevents infestation and forms a chemical barrier
    Destroys insects in infested areas and forms a chemical shield against further attack


  •   Available in 1 Litre HDPE bottles.

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